About us

Pawel, Christoph and Nicolas at our Berlin HQ. (Yes, we can do dress shirts as well!) 

Our goal

Every minute every day we’re doing everything we can to live up to our promise – to be: THE ANGEL VC.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, both venture capital firms and angel investors have their own advantages and disadvantages. We’re trying to bring you the best of both worlds. Like all good angel investors, we are a friendly source of capital with lots of additional value-add. We strive to become your mentors, someone who you can trust and who you’re happy to call in good AND in bad times. At the same time you benefit from our ability to invest much larger amounts of capital, as well as the extensive expertise and network of our team.

Our goal is that when you look back to the early days of your startup in a few years, hopefully having built an extremely successful company, you’ll know that working with us was one of the best business decisions you’ve ever made. That’s what keeps us up at night, and we’re extremely honored that there’s a number of awesome entrepreneurs who feel that way already.

How we can help

All of our partners have a track record of building highly successful Internet businesses. The companies that we’ve founded or backed include Brands4Friends, DealPilot, Pageflakes, Spreadshirt, StudiVZ, Zendesk and many others. If you join our portfolio, you’ll benefit from the wealth of knowledge and industry contacts that we’ve accumulated building or supporting these companies.

Whether you’re looking for a kick-ass designer, refining your pricing model, negotiating a critical distribution deal, working on your next round of funding or talking to a potential acquirer – with over 40 years of combined experience with Internet startups, chances are that we’ve been in a similar situation already. So – expect real, actionable, tactical advice. From entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. No buzzword bingo, no management consultant speak.

We also try to find the right balance between actively supporting you and leaving you alone so you can run your business. We’re there whenever you need us, but we’re not trying to run your business.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for dedicated, passionate entrepreneurs who want to use the Internet to disrupt large markets. The best teams usually consist of a product genius, a rock-star developer and a sales & marketing guru, but don’t worry if your dream team isn’t complete yet. We have a strong bias for great products and signs of early traction, but we don’t expect everything to be perfect. We’re called Point Nine Capital for a reason.

The most important things for us are dedication, business acumen and of course integrity. We’re happy to back young and relatively inexperienced founders if they make it up with their intelligence and their relentless drive. And by the way, we don’t care if your team is spread across the globe or if you have your most productive hours in the middle of the night. We often work like that too.

Learn more about us on our Team page and in the FAQ section, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.