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Bringing the community together has always played an essential part for us because we believe it is important to share knowledge, learnings and sometimes war stories in order to help each other succeed.

Upcomming events

Upcoming events

  • #P9EUTour in Paris: Point Nine CTO Meetup

    06/11/2019 at 11:00AM

    Event Details

    It will be a full day event for about 100 CTOs/VP Engineering coming half from the best tech startups in Paris, half from our broader portfolio across Europe. We have been organizing CTO Meetups for a few years now in various cities in Europe (Berlin, Warsaw, Barcelona, Paris, SF) and it's always been a great opportunity to share notes, meet like-minded people and, hopefully, find inspiration for new technologies or processes to implement within your company.

Past events

Past events

  • #P9EUTour in Berlin: Talent Camp

    01/22/2019 at 04:30PM

    Event Details

    We have designed this event to get to the bottom of some of the struggles you are facing in terms of talent acquisition. And so we have decided to stir away from the standard presentation format and to focus on more interactive sessions instead. The setting will be very relaxed, our amazing speakers will be there ready to answer any questions you might have or debate any points you might raise.

  • #P9EUTour in Berlin: B2B Marketplace Conf

    05/09/2019 at 11:00AM

    Event Details

    We believe the next generation of marketplaces will cater to business, which is why we are organizing an event solely focused on B2B marketplaces. Join us on the 9th of May in Berlin for a day of discussing everything from how to tackle sales cycles and monetization strategies to hacking liquidity and how to most effectively scale a B2B marketplace.

  • #P9EUTour in Kiev: How to raise money from international investors?

    04/24/2019 at 07:00PM

    Event Details

    We've been intrigued about the broader Kiev and Ukranian tech scene for a while now and can't wait to meet and exchange ideas with more awesome people within it. If you are in town on April 24th, register and join us for a relaxed and fun evening of sharing, learning, and networking. Our team is keen to share our experiences around starting and scaling companies internationally, raising follow-on rounds from funds around the globe and recruiting across borders.


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