Working with Point Nine

If you join our portfolio we’ll put our collective experience and all our energy at work for you.

Why work with us?

Good VCs, bad VCs
Christoph wrote a post that describes the kind of VC we’re aspiring to be.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, both venture capital firms and angel investors have their own advantages and disadvantages. We’re trying to bring you the best of both worlds – hence our tagline “The Angel VC”. Like all good angel investors, we are a friendly source of capital with lots of additional value-add. We strive to become your mentors, someone who you can trust and who you’re happy to call in good AND in bad times. At the same time you benefit from our ability to invest much larger amounts of capital, as well as the extensive expertise and network of our team.

Our goal is that when you look back to the early days of your startup in a few years, hopefully having built an extremely successful company, you’ll know that working with us was one of the best business decisions you’ve ever made. That’s what keeps us up at night, and we’re extremely honored that there’s a number of awesome entrepreneurs who feel that way already.

Good VCs, bad VCs
Christoph wrote a post that describes the kind of VC we’re aspiring to be.
  • I’m proud to consider Christoph not only an investor and early discoverer of Zendesk, but also a true friend. His share in our company is vastly dwarfed by his share in our success.

    Mikkel Asger Svane - Co-founder & CEO of Zendesk

  • Pawel and Christoph are investors you can trust and rely on as an entrepreneur. They provide value adding and sometimes mind changing views in critical situations and during strategic discussions.

    Dirk Graber - Founder and CEO of Mister Spex

  • If you’re a founder looking for an investor that can bring a wealth of relevant expertise to the table, you can’t go wrong with Point Nine Capital.

    Jack Newton - Co-founder & CEO of Clio

How we can help

We have a track record of building and backing highly successful internet businesses. The companies that we’ve founded include Delivery Hero, DealPilot, and Pageflakes. As investors, we’ve been the first backers of Algolia, Brainly, Contentful, DocPlanner, Typeform, Westwing, Zendesk and many others.

Whether you’re looking for a kick-ass designer, refining your pricing model, negotiating a critical distribution deal, working on your next round of funding or talking to a potential acquirer – chances are that we’ve been in a similar situation already (or know someone who was). So – expect real, actionable, tactical advice. From entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. No buzzword bingo, no management consultant speak.

We also try to find the right balance between actively supporting you and leaving you alone so you can run your business. We’re there whenever you need us, but we’re not trying to run your business.

Working with us

When we start to work with a new portfolio company, one of the things we always suggest is that in addition to (sometimes lots of) ad hoc communication via eMail, Skype, Basecamp, etc. we set up a recurring standing meeting or call, at least during the first 9-12 months following our investment. Typically it's a one-hour monthly call, and the purpose of these calls is to get us updated and to talk through current issues – pricing, conversion optimization, content marketing, hiring, compensation plans, fundraising, you name it.

As mentioned above, the last thing we want is to be a burden on you, and so it’s important that these calls should require very little preparation. Our experience is that it’s a very effective and efficient way to discuss things and to find out how we can help.

But because there’s always someone in the 150+ people strong Point Nine Family who knows 10x more about any given question than we do, connecting our portfolio founders with each other is ultra important to us and very valuable to you. We do this online, using Basecamp, and offline, by bringing together the people from our portfolio in events focused on themes such as SaaS, internationalization, marketplaces or tech.